Celebrity Success Story #1: J.K Rowling

I am a huge Harry Potter geek (and yes, I had Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on pre order) and no matter how many times I watch the films I am still fascinated. But what fascinates me the most is J.K Rowling’s story.

J.K Rowling was on a train when the idea of Harry Potter and his friends started to take form and she started to write and create the world of wizards and witches not long after. But soon after she was pulled away from writing the first novel in the series by the sudden death of her mother. J.K Rowling went into a deep depression and thought the only way she could escape it was to move away.

So she moved to Portugal to teach English with a goal to finish the first novel in her spare time. While in Portugal she met a man and got married and they had a baby girl. But the marriage didn’t last and she moved back to the UK with her daughter.

She was a single mother living on benefit struggling to provide for her and her daughter. But despite all of the hardships she faced she still kept hold of her dream and vision to finish what she had started. She would spend every spare moment she could in cafes, writing while her daughter was asleep in her pram. 

She finally finished the first book and sent it off to 12 different publishers. She got rejected from every single one of them. But she had gotten through the worst times that life could possibly throw at her; loss, grievance, rejection and poverty. Now she had nothing to be afraid of and she was determined to get her book published.

Finally, Bloomsbury Publishers agreed to publish the first book in the series, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone, but they told her that she should find a day job as there is no money to be made in children’s books. Obviously they were wrong because J.K Rowling is now the richest author in the world.

It fascinates me how some people, despite facing every hardship, stay focused and determined and go on to be really successful. While others are given every advantage in life but end up going down a really bad path.

If J.K Rowling would of gave up at the first hurdle she faced we would never know the world of Harry Potter as we do today! She truly is an inspiration! I know I can’t imagine a world without Harry Potter. Can you?

So times might get tough, but we all face obstacles and hardships throughout our lives. It’s the ‘how bad’ we want something that gets us through them. So stay focused!

I would love to hear your success stories and who inspires you in the comments below!

Chelsi X


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Success Story #1: J.K Rowling

  1. I have always been fascinated by her story, my dream from very young was to write and I often won short story contests all through junior primary. Sadly my life’s journey did not take me down a path where it was possible to fulfill my dream and now I am limited to writing a blog which I do for the pure pleasure of writing


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