Purpose Fuels Persistence

No matter what goals you set out to acheive, whether it be to set up the business of your dreams or to eat healthier and exercise more, if you don’t have a reason to acheive the goal then chances are you won’t. When times get a bit challenging you need a reason to keep moving forward.  Having a reason for acheiving a goal and having that reason engrained in everything you do can be what makes or breaks you acheiving it.

Whenever we first set a goal there is obviously a reason for us setting it in the first place, like going to the gym three times a week because friends are going.  This might sound like a good enough reason to start off with but that will never stick because it is not really important to you and it is not your reason to get to the gym when you really don’t feel up to it.  I will admit, I used to have a shocking diet, I would think nothing of going to McDonalds for lunch and then come home and have something just as bad for dinner, I didn’t think twice about it because I have always been fortunate enough to be the type of person who can eat anything and not put weight on.  I knew I should make an effort to eat healthier so I used to set myself goals all of the time to stop going to McDonalds and start taking my lunches in to work but they would never last longer than 2 weeks.  I was feeling tired and slugish all the time and wondering why I would crash at around 2.00 pm.  It wasn’t until I was listening to a podcast about nutrition and exercise and how eating the right foods impacts your moods and energy levels that it clicked for me.  That was my reason to start eating healthier.  I have a busy lifestyle and have a lot to cram in to my days so it was important to me that I stay focussed and have enough energy to get the tasks on my To Do List ticked off.  Having this reason behind my goal of eating healthier has made it stick.  So think about the reasons why the goal and the outcome is important to you.

Sometimes when you set yourself goals they usually involve some day to day repetetive tasks.  At first, when you are all motivated and excited, you think “this is great, I like doing these tasks because I am working towards my goal”, but then once it becomes a part of your daily life it is easy to forget why you have to do the day to day tasks, that maybe don’t bring immediate results, to acheive the bigger goal.  Now, my example of eating healthier above is not a very good one becuase I can quite easily remind myself that if I eat a McDonalds now then in two hours time I am not going to feel great.  The results are immediate and so it is easier for me to keep up eating healthy or deal with the consequences soon enough after.  It becomes harder when you are not seeing immediate results, or immediate consequences of not completing a task.  You have to remind yourself of the bigger goal and the reasons why acheiving that goal is so important to you, this will then fuel your motivation to complete the smaller tasks.

The best way to stay focussed on a goal is to write it down.  Write down every little detail (I will be releasing a FREE Goal Digger workbook soon, so keep a look out for it).  This will help you visualise the outcome and how you will feel when you acheive the goal.  But more importantly, you should always write down your ‘Whys’, why acheiving the goal is important to you.  If you have your ‘Whys’ then you will be more motivated and focussed on the smaller tasks that need to be complete to acheive the bigger goal.

Start off your sentence with ‘It is important that I acheive this goal because…’ and just start writing.  If you struggle with these types of exercises I have put some questions below to get you started:

  • What is the initial reason for setting the goal? (if this involves anybody else then maybe it is not your goal to begin with and you should question whether you really want to acheive the goal or if you are setting it to please someone else)
  • How will you feel when you acheive the goal?
  • What difference will it make in your life when you acheive the goal?
  • What difference will it make to the lives of those closest to you when you acheive the goal? (when I say be selfish, you should still be considerate, most of the time acheiving our goals has a positive impact on those around us but it is still worth checking in on this)
  • Now ask yourself again; why is acheiving the goal so important to you?

Having the ‘Whys’ will not only keep you motivated to complete the smaller boring tasks consistently but it will also get you through the hard times.  Sometimes things won’t always go the way you expect or plan them to go and this is when you will need a reason to keep moving forward.  If you haven’t already, you can read my previous blog post ‘Celebrity Success Story #1: J.K. Rowling’ here https://thebusinessstylist.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/celebrity-success-story-1-j-k-rowling/ about how J.K. Rowling faced and got through the most difficult hardships to acheive her goal of completing the first Harry Potter book and getting it published.  This is becuase she had her reasons for doing so and it was so important to her that the acheive her goal.

So when you are feeling demotivated or ready to give up then just remind yourself why you set out to acheive the goal in the first place.

Chelsi x


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