Social Media in the Beauty Industry

Our generation has a different way of doing near enough everything, we want (and expect) everything instantly at our finger tips and that includes being able to book our beauty, hair and make up appointments on Facebook and Instagram.

It used to be that you would just walk in to your local salon and book your appointments for whatever you needed; an Eyebrow Wax and Tint, a Facial or Weekend Lash Extensions but now we are spoiled for choice. There are a lot of specialists areas which never used to be around or be as popular as they are now such as 3D Lash Extensions, Russian Lash Extensions, HD Brows, Semi Permanent Brows and Semi Permanent Make Up and not every salon offers these, in fact I have found that people who specialise in these treatments usually only offer the one treatment or a very small range of treatments that are similar. So how do you know where to go and who offers the best services in these areas? Facebook and Instagram.

When I first got 3D Lash Extensions (and this is about 6 years ago now) I did a search on Facebook for ‘Lashes’, viewed a few profiles and followed them for a few days before I booked an appointment. I sent a quick message through Facebook and had my appointment booked, it was so easy and I knew that I was going to be really happy with my treatment because I had already been able to see pictures and reviews on Facebook.

I did exactly the same when I decided to get HD Brows. I did some research on Facebook, added a few ladies who offered the treatment and looked at pictures and reviews for a while. I knew who I was going to book with because I could see that their work was second to none, the before and after pictures were just amazing and the treatment still exceeded my expectations. Since my first HD brow appointment I haven’t let any one else touch my eyebrows and would refuse to go to anyone else. I even travel 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back because I know I am getting the best service. If these ladies were not showcasing their work on Facebook I would never have booked in with them.

It amazes me how many salons and mobile ladies do not have a Facebook page or an Instagram account or if they do they are not using them to their fullest potential. They should be using Social Media to connect with and attract new potential clients, take appointments through Facebook and use Instagram as a portfolio to show their best work. They should highlight any specialist treatments that they offer as these will be the treatments people will search for on Social Media and may be the treatments that their local salon may not offer.

I have come across some amazing Facebook pages for local beauty salons around Liverpool with thousands of likes and great pictures and then I have seen at the top of the page ‘We do not take appointments through Facebook’. This is THE BIGGEST mistake a beauty salon could make and cannot get my head around why they wouldn’t take appointments through Facebook. This could even redirect me to someone else if I had seen other people’s profiles on Facebook and Instagram and just wanted to send a quick message while I am on the go. I know I definitely prefer booking appointments through Facebook and Instagram for a few reasons – I know I will never forget the appointment because I can double check the date and time in my messages, this works both ways, if you work in a salon or do mobile treatments how many times have you had someone turn up at the wrong time or someone has made a mistake in the appointment book, the message works to cover everyone’s back. It is also convenient for clients to be able to book appointments while they are on the go and if you work in a busy salon and you missed the phone ringing you never know if that person will call back and you could potentially miss out on business, with a message it will always reach you and then you can get back to them at a time when you are less busy. So if you work in a salon or run a mobile business I would definitely encourage your followers to book appointments through Facebook and Instagram.

One of the reasons I got into Social Media Marketing was to help small businesses level the playing field with the bigger brands, and being obsessed with beauty and seeing how the beauty industry is changing I know that Social Media is the way forward in the industry. So get a good strategy in place (follow my Facebook and Instagram for some great tips, or if you would like to know more about creating a Social Media strategy drop me a message), engage with you audience, showcase your work and please take appointments through Facebook and Instagram.

Chelsi x


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