How Technology Has Changed The Game For Small Businesses

I find it fascinating how technology has evolved within the last 10 years and changed the way we do nearly everything. It has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we shop, the way we choose where to go on holiday and the way we work.

It could even change the way we cook. I seen a pan on The Gadget Show last week that comes with an app, the app tells you step by step processes of what to do and measures how you are doing it using the pan. If you go wrong somewhere the app will tell you and if it needs to, the pan will automatically adjust temperature. I’ve never been much of a cook so I think this is something I need to invest in.

In some ways it is taking over our lives, at this rate we literally won’t need to do anything or have to think for ourselves, with pans to guide our cooking and driverless cars it seems that it is taking away the fun of learning necessary life skills.

I remember when I was a child we would play a game where my dad would ask my brother and I a question and the first one to get it right would get £1.00. Sometimes it would take us days to figure out the answer. We would both go off to school and ask all of our friends if they knew the answer trying to win the £1.00. The one that I always remember is ‘What is the monkeys name in The Lion King?’, this one went on for over a week. But now that would never happen because we would just google it (like I have just googled ‘What is the monkeys name in The Lion King?’, it is Rifiki just in case you were wondering) and it has taken away the fun of a challenge in some ways.

We now have access to all of this information that we once never had. In one way making us lazier but in another way giving us endless possibilities to learn new things. We now have access to so much information and if we take the time to sift through it we can always find what we are looking for. If we take in what we read and see online and apply it correctly it gives us the opportunity to become experts in so much more than what we have studied at school, college and university. If you have read my previous blog posts then you will know that I studied Law and wanted to be a solicitor, and with a complete 180 change of direction and I am now in Social Media.  The base of my knowledge come from reading and learning from other online then, like anything, mixed with a lot of trial and error.

Social Media completely changed the way we communicate, we can connect with our friends no matter where we are or what time it is, I can see what my relatives in the US are up to without speaking to them just by going onto Facebook. We can send out one message and it reaches thousands of people with one click of a button.

The opportunities Social Media has opened up for businesses is incredible. Small businesses now have the potential to reach the same audience that the big brands reach. Yes, the big brands may have a bigger following but now small businesses can put together a great online marketing campaign at an affordable price that is just as good as the big brands marketing campaigns. With a great strategy they can build up their following, create brand awareness and have a chance at competing with the big brands.

Not only has it opened up the opportunity to build up brand awareness and put in place a great online marketing strategy but it has broke down the barriers of who we can work with and where in the world they are located. 10 years ago, it wouldn’t be uncommon that small businesses would work with customers or clients overseas. Their product or services would probably not reach an audience that far and if it did meeting with them or doing business with them would incur a lot of costs. Now, people overseas can go onto your website and with the click of a button buy one of your products and you may charge them a little extra for shipping. They can buy your services and you can jump on a Skype call at no cost.

The opportunities are now endless. You can write your opinions in a blog and people from all over the world can access and read it, you can have your own YouTube channels (no need to try and get noticed by TV shows and channels for a 2 minute spot), you can create your own podcast and put it on iTunes where thousands of people can access it, you can write a book and publish it as an e-book, you can run workshops from the comfort of your own home, you can combine all of your knowledge into an online course for people to access and pass on your expertise and you can even live stream straight to your followers.

So if you are a small business and you are not taking advantage of the technology around you, now is definitely the time to get on board. If you want your business to be a success then you should start taking steps to build your online presence.

If you would like more information about the services that I offer please click here.

Chelsi x


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