Top 7 Instagram Tips for Businesses

Instagram is my favourite Social Media platform to use. I could spend hours just scrolling through my feed and liking and commenting on pictures and finding new accounts to follow.

It used to be that Facebook was the go to Social Media platform for businesses but now more businesses are using Instagram as a marketing tool to catch the attention of their audience. it is so instant, I put a picture out and immediately start to see reaction.

Instagram can build up your brand awareness and connect you to thousands of people within seconds. Pictures create emotion and that’s what people buy into. There are some accounts that I follow and I just cannot stay away. They always have me going back and wanting to see more and wanting what they have and that’s what you should aim to do, create an emotional connection with your brand.

If you own a small business then I definitely recommend getting a good Instagram strategy in place but here are a few things you can implement straight away.

1 Don’t set your business account to private

If you have an Instagram account that you use for business then you should never have it set to private. This will put people off following you. I see this a lot with businesses and brands, especially in the beauty industry and I never press send on the request. I think that if I don’t personally know them then mustn’t want me to see their posts.

2 Have a theme  

Your branding should shine through on every post. Whether it is a colour theme (mine is black writing with a white background, I know it sounds a bit boring but it’s classy and clean), or your logo on your posts and the message that you put out. People love the packaging, and that is what will grab their attention.

3 Have a stock of Hashtags  

I have a few versions of a stock of hashtags saved on my phone. These should be related to your business or the theme of your campaign. I post a lot of motivational quotes and I stand for getting women into businesses and creating the life that you dream of so I have a stock that is related to business and entrepreneurship. This month I have also been running a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge so I have a stock of hashtags that are related to being grateful. This saves a lot of time as you don’t have to type out the hashtags every time and will also save you having to think of hashtags each time you post on the spot. I usually post my picture with a caption and then one or two hashtags that are directly related to the post (so I have been posting about Christmas a lot lately so I would include the hashtag #christmas in the main caption), then I would post my stock of hashtags in the comment.

4 Business account stats

The one thing that I love about business accounts on Instagram is the stats. You can check how well each post has done against older posts and it makes it so much easier to see where you may need to adjust your strategy. You can see how many people have viewed your profile and how many click throughs to your website you have had in that week.

5 Interact with people

It is all about networking. I know you probably hear that a lot but it’s not just about what you can offer people but what people may have to offer you too. A lot of people don’t think to really interact and start conversations on Instagram and now with the new ‘Like Comment’ feature it is even easier to show support to your followers and the people you follow. People recognise when you are generally interested in their posts and then they may return the love.

6 Have a story connected to your posts

Everything I post on Instagram has a reason or a story behind it. I like to share pieces of my experiences and what is going on in my life and my business. People relate to things that are real, and yes they might love the motivational quotes but they love it even more when you connect with them through your posts and share some of your own insight or experience.

7 Use emojis

This is my favourite Instagram tip. Everyone loves emojis and if you use them on Instagram posts they are more likely to be seen as the emojis work in a similar way to hashtags. The posts that include the most popular emojis on Instagram at the moment will reach more people, that is why when you are adding a hashtag you may see a hashtag with an emoji at the end.

So hopefully these 7 tips can be a starting point for getting a great Instagram strategy in place.  If you ever have any questions about using Instagram for business then just drop me a message and I will be happy to help.

Chelsi x


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