How to Kick Start Your Morning and Have The Best Day

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who wake up really early, do a morning work out and have smoothies for breakfast but just thought “No that’s just not me, I’m not a morning person.”? Well I used to think that and I wasn’t a morning person too but now I am one of those people who wake up early and have a whole morning routine planned out. I do a morning meditation session, some reading, write in my Gratitude Diary, plan out my day, post on Social Media for clients and do a morning workout all before 8.00 am.

So What Changed?

A book. A book that has changed my life and that of many others called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I would recommend the book to everyone, I think everyone should have a morning routine and some time each day to just to focus on themselves. Hal come up with The Miracle Morning routine when he was suffering from depression and was looking for a way out of it, he come up with a morning routine called SAVERS – Silence, Affirmations, Visualisations, Exercise, Reading, Script with the idea being that you wake up an hour earlier to spend at least 10 minutes on each of these activities each day.

So what exactly should you do for each of these activities. Well let’s go over each one.

Silence – The idea is that you do meditation first, or if you don’t like to meditate just sit in silence and let your thought come and go. This will then keep you focussed for the rest of the activities.

Affirmations – Do you know why Mohammad Ali was The Greatest? Because he believed he was the greatest before anyone else did and because he believed he was the greatest the rest of the world also believed he was the greatest. For other people to think or believe something about you it has to start with you. Everyone has doubts, and that’s ok. You can use affirmations to kick the doubts away and really start to believe in yourself. If you are not sure what to start with have a look on the internet for some simple ones that you can start with. I like to write them in my Bullet Journal on my daily spread so every time I go to my daily spread I see them and repeat them to myself.

Visualisations – This is one of my favourite activities, I love to simply just sit there in silence for 10 minutes thinking about how my life is going to be when I have achieved my goals. This is something that has always come easy to me because I admit, I am a day dreamer, but I get that this can be difficult for some people so maybe start out by asking yourself what your perfect day would be like and go into as much detail as possible. Or if you are a visual person then create a moodboard and review it each morning.

Exercise – A lot of people say that they don’t have time to go to the gym or exercise but that 10 minutes a day, especially in the morning, will get your energy levels up and your metabolism going. If you’re not sure what exercises to do there are plenty of YouTube videos and Workout Apps. I had always wanted to try Yoga but never got round to it because I would go to the gym or work out about 3/4 times a week, I had a set routine and I didn’t want to disturb that with swapping a session for a Yoga session but since starting The Miracle Morning I have had time to try new things. At first I was sticking to 10 minutes in the morning just to start my day off but then I started getting up half an hour earlier to swap my usual workouts in the evening to do full morning workouts.

Reading – I know so many people with books stacked up that they never get around to reading. You will be surprised what you can get through just spending 10 minutes in the morning reading. I’m not talking about reading novels, they should be left for evenings and lazy Sunday’s, I’m talking about self development and business books. Remember that The Miracle Morning is all about self development and being the best version of yourself. If you are not sure what books to start with why not start with The Miracle Morning Book. Now that you have some of the basic concepts from this post you have enough to get started and reading The Miracle Morning Book will give you more motivation.

Script – The 10 minutes for Script should be used for writing. This is where I write in my Gratitude Diary, I write everything that I am grateful for that day and it puts me in the best mood to start my day.

I also get up a little earlier to plan out my day in my Bullet Journal and do some client work before I have to go off to my day job. You can use the SAVERS activities or you can choose your own. I think that just having a morning routine and time to work on yourself each day will help you become the best version of your and kick start each day with high dosage of motivation and positivity.

Now when I think about it, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all successful people have a morning routine.

So tomorrow is a new week and you might be settling into 2017 and getting over the New Years hangovers so why not kick start your Monday morning with SAVERS.

If you do I would love to hear how you get on so let me know in the comments below.

Chelsi x


3 thoughts on “How to Kick Start Your Morning and Have The Best Day

  1. I feel fortunate that I am naturally a morning person, my body wakes up around 6am without any alarm. I get so much done and prep for the day, all before 8am. My challenge is the night time because I like to be asleep by 9pm! lol

    Gennifer Rose |


  2. Good ideas – I have actually found myself waking up earlier, even when not at work which can only be positive. I would love to start doing mediation as like it within yoga. The book sounds fab – will need to add to my TBR list x


  3. I’m a morning person when I’m off from work- I like to get up early and start a new day nicely. On the working days, I sleep as long as I could!:).Thanks for the book recommendation, I would love to read it.


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