Everyone Has To Start Somewhere!

I know so many people who have amazing ideas for businesses but they decide to stay in their day jobs rather than pursue their dreams. There are a few reasons I have heard over the last year, they are scared that it won’t work out, they don’t have the money to start up a business or they just don’t know where to start.

All of these reasons aren’t really reasons not to do something, they are just excuses. I get that it is scary going out on your own to start a business but it is also the most empowering thing you could ever do and once you realise that it will help you get over your fear. Money is a big part of setting up a business but if it’s something you really want you will always find a way, stay in your day job while you are getting set up and start putting savings away, look at your finances and see where you can cut down, figure out a way to bring in a little more income or get investors. I can see how when you are caught up in the drama of your own thinking how fear and money can really block you from going for what you really want and they can feel like really valid reasons of why you think you can’t set up a business, but they’re not.

The one reason that really is in your immediate control is ‘I don’t know where to start’. I would pretty much say that 99.99% of people who set up businesses don’t have a clue where to start either but the key is to just start. Whether it is doing that first piece of research, asking people questions or even joining a Facebook group for start ups. Just start.

No one knows all of the answers straight away and that is the fun part, you get to figure it out and make it up as you go along. You should use it to your advantage. Your business idea might already be out there and this is where not having all of the answers will come in useful for you. You can learn from other people who are already doing what you want to do but at the same time you might do it differently to how others might do it because you weren’t told what to do and that is a good thing. Just because you do something differently doesn’t mean that its not right. You have to remember it is your business and you need to do it your way.

Another reason people don’t start is the amount of time it will take. It might be that you need to go to university or do a course to get a qualification before you can even think about starting your business and the time that this will take might put you off. But lets say you’ve already been thinking about this for a year, that time has just passed anyway and you could have been one year closer to setting up your business.

I remember when I first started university and thinking how far away I was from qualifying as a solicitor, 7 years. And I had already spent 2 years in college doing a Legal Secretary course. That is 9 years out of my life. I was watching some of my friends walk into what I thought were amazing jobs at the time and they always had money and at the age of 20 that was very tempting to quit uni and go and get a job but I am so happy I did’t.

Although it is not for me any more, there was a time when qualifying as a solicitor was my biggest dream. That is all I wanted to do. You might think “What if my business fails and I have wasted all of that time and money.” but I could of thought the same thing about my career in Law, I could think that it was all a waste but I don’t. It challenged me in so many ways and it taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to and I met some amazing people along the way. You should’t let that fear of your business not working out put you off. The worst that could happen is you have to close down the business and go back to work but then you just get up and try again. Richard Branson had a number of failed business before he founded Virgin Group. If you are passionate about it and you give it the time and energy it needs then 99% of the time it won’t fail. If you make a mistake just adjust your strategy and make sure you listen to what your customers and clients want and you can’t go wrong.

The only way to make things happen is to start. Just take that first step and the rest of it you will figure out. Like Marie Forleo says “Everything is figuroutable.”

Chelsi x


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