Where To Start When Starting A Business!

Following on from my last post, if you are one of those people who have a great business idea but you’re overwhelmed with where to start then this post is for you.

There are so many things to think about when starting a business and sometimes it can all feel a bit too much.  At first the excitement keeps you going and the ideas flood in, you know you can do this and you just can’t wait to get started.  Then you actually start putting it all into action and it hits home just how much work you actually have to do to get the business up and running, never mind on top of a full time job if you’re like me.

There is so much to think about; a name for the business, a website, branding, your products and creation, your services, marketing, social media, financing the business, any legal/obligatory requirements and all of the technical stuff that goes with all of the above.  Where do you start?

Well first of all take a step back.  Don’t get stressed out by thinking all of the above needs to be in place before you launch, it doesn’t.  Set a date that you want to launch by then figure out what absolutely needs to happen before that date and focus on those things first.

It would be great to have an amazing website set up and a marketing plan in place before you launch but they are not necessary for you to start your business.  I would say that there are only 3 things you need in place before you launch.

Your products and services – You need something to sell but these don’t even have to be perfect straight away and if you have ideas for multiple products and services just having one ready is enough to launch.

Business Insurance – You need to be covered in case something goes wrong.

And any legal requirements – Some businesses need permits to operate so make sure you know what is required of you and you have gone through the necessary steps to obtain permits or anything else you might need before you start selling what it is you offer.

You may also need premises before you can start but this will be dependant on your business.

Once you have those items boxed off you can then start to work on the fun stuff like getting your website up and running, building your brand awareness through social media and building upon your core products and services.

But don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get it all done at once.  I would say the best place to start is social media.  Set up your social media platforms so you can start to build brand awareness and post about your business to get people talking about it.  Then create your website.  Once you launch your website you can direct your social media followers to visit your website.  You would have already created a buzz so they will be excited to visit.

Once you have all of this in place you can start thinking about your marketing strategy and any other projects that you would like to start working on but just remember when you start to feel overwhelmed, at any point in your business, just take a step back re-evaluate what absolutely needs to happen next.  A trick that works for me writing down my top 3 tasks for the months, then my top 3 tasks for the week and my top 3 tasks each day.  That way when I start to feel overwhelmed I just look at what I need to get done that day with the piece of mind that I won’t lose sight of the bigger tasks for the week and month.

Remember to keep a look out for my 30 day Instagram challenge and I would love to hear about your experiences of starting your businesses.

Chelsi x


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