Raise Your Standards – The Secret To A Happy Life

So many people complain about what they don’t have and who they will never be, they look at other people and say “I wish I could be more like her” and “It’s not fair, she gets everything she wants” but what they fail to recognise is that they are who they are because they choose to be that way. What it comes down to is the standards they hold themselves to.

Now you might be reading this thinking that is not true, some people just have a hard life but I don’t buy that. People only have a hard life if they choose to think that they have a hard life and there is proof of that everywhere you look. Why is it that a child who grew up in poverty and had a really hard start in life can grow up to become really successful and really happy and a child who was born into wealth can end up homeless and on drugs and really depressed?

People will only ever succeed as far as their standards allow them to. So when someone looks at another person and says “I wish I could be like her” what they are really saying is they could never hold themselves to a standard to live the values that the other person lives to be the type of person they are. So they don’t even try. They are saying they could never hold themselves to a standard to work hard for the things they want. So they don’t even try. But why? Raising your standards doesn’t sound that hard, why wouldn’t you want to raise your standards and put yourself first? Why wouldn’t you want feel proud of the person you are and know that you won;t let yourself down because your standards won’t allow you to?

The answer is they don’t believe they are worthy and raising their standards means they won’t have an excuse for the mistakes they make. When you raise your standards you have to take full responsibility for any mistakes you make and a lot of people hate the thought of this. If they don’t raise their standards they can blame everyone else for they pain they feel, they get to feel like they’re not worthy, they get to blame other people for letting them down instead of taking responsibility for getting themselves into situations where they let themselves down.

But this is exactly why you should raise your standards. Think about the power you give yourself when you raise your standards. You take all of the power away from other people, they can’t hurt you without your permission because you know that if they do then you are responsible for your feelings and not them. You raise your game and work hard to be the best person you can be, for you and no one else. You love yourself. You value yourself. You work hard to achieve your goals. You make the decision that you will accept no less than what you are worth. You become who you have always wanted to be.

When you make the decision to raise your standards it might feel weird at first and you might feel like people don’t get it, especially those closest to you. This is the time it will be easiest to go back to your old ways but once you stick to it and don’t accept anything less than what you want then you will feel great and you will never allow yourself to accept anything less evert again.

So get a pen and some paper and start to write down all of the things you will no longer accept, all of the things you will no longer tolerate and who you aspires to becoming. Raise your standards and start living the life you deserve.

Chelsi x


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