How To Get Your Creativity Back

If you are like me and love to be learning constantly then chances are you follow a lot of people in your field on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You probably sign up to get access to their free workbooks and you are probably a member of A LOT of Facebook groups.  You might subscribe to a lot of podcasts and follow a lot of blogs because you are scared to miss out on that vital piece of information that could just be a game changer.

There is so much information coming at you and you read and listen to it all but then you find that you just don’t know where to start when it comes to putting it into practice.  You feel paralysed because you are always comparing your work to others or think that you should be doing something just because other people are doing it.  You’ve lost your creative spark and when it comes to creating something for your own business you just don’t sound like ‘you’ anymore because you’re trying too hard.  I get it and I’ve recently been there and found a way to cut through the BS and the noise.

I was in so many Facebook groups and subscribed to too many podcasts that I was getting mixed messages.  Then, ironically I was listening to a podcast and the subject was when you lose your way and compare yourself to what others are doing and pay too much attention to what ‘experts’ say you ‘should’ be doing.  When we are first starting out it’s great that we have so much information at our fingertips because it can speed up the process for us and help us with things that we don’t have the knowledge of.  But once we learn the basics and we are set up and ready to go sometimes all of the noise can be counterproductive.  The podcast that I was listening to was Mind Body Musings by Maddy Moon – Mark Manson: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.  Maddy said that she unfollowed all of the people that weren’t providing her value but also making her feel like she ‘should’ be doing certain things to be successful and doesn’t pay attention to them any more.  She has a few people that she follows but keeps it to a minimum which clears up space in her mind to let her own ideas flow in.

This really resonated with me because I was feeling so stuck at the time.  It would come to Sunday and I would dread writing my blog posts because they just seemed like so much work when they used to just flow so easily.  I used to be excited to put a new post out there because I wanted to share my ideas but I found that I was starting to write about things that I thought I should be writing about rather than what I wanted to write about.  As a lot of you already know when I started out on my entrepreneurial journey I wanted to be a coach.  I was so passionate and excited about it and had so many ideas that would come to me so easily.  I had my voice and I knew what I stood for so writing about it was so easy and it felt right.  Then I decided to go into Social Media because it was suggested to me that it would make a better business and people would pay for it and I listened.  I went into Social Media because I thought I could sell it a lot easier but I lost my voice.  I no longer knew what my business stood for.  All of my values and my mission no longer aligned with my business and this blew out my creative spark.

I knew it wasn’t permanent as I always had plans to get back to my coaching business so I tried to stick it out but sometimes that made things worse because I was sending out mixed messages.  As a result of this I kept signing up to more and more programs, free workbooks and podcasts trying to find the answers to make my Social Media business work.

The when I listened to Maddy’s podcast it all clicked for me.  I was going about it the complete wrong way.  I wasn’t being true to myself, I was listening to what everyone else was saying I should do and I was chasing my tail trying to figure it out.  But it was simple.  Just stop listening to everyone else and be true to myself.  Stop comparing myself and what I’m doing to what other people are doing.  So that night I went home and had a virtual clear out.  I’m now only subscribed to a handful of podcasts: Being Boss – I love Kathleen and Emily, it’s like they talk my language and if I want a business boost I will listen to them, The Life Coach School – I listen to this podcast when I want cheering up, when I’m going through a hard time and to learn more about coaching.  Brook Castillo is amazing and I have learned so many mind blowing concepts from her.  She also has another great podcast called How To Be A Life Coach which is great for learning about the business side and setting up as a Life Coach.  I also write about Brooke in My Top 3 Coaches, Ladies Who Lunch – this is my nighttime podcast, Ingrid & Cat are so fun and I listen to this podcast when I get into bed to wind down.  And lastly, The Generation Why Podcast – I admit this one is a bit random but it’s a mystery and crime podcast.  Sometimes when I’m having a lazy day I will put this on or when I’m on a long car journey with my mum we like to listen to this.  So I only listen to two podcasts for business purposes, Being Boss and The Life Coach School, as I have found that these are the two that are most beneficial to me at the moment and it means that I can really take what I learn from them and put it into practice.  I know that most people wouldn’t consider The Life Coach School as a business podcast but it really helps with mindset which is really important for any entrepreneur.

I also unsubscribed from any email newsletters that I never open and kept this to minimum of 5-6 that I know I find useful and get excited to read.  I left a lot of Facebook groups or muted the ones that I might want to pop into every now and then and I unfollowed a lot of Facebook pages too.  I no longer pay attention to what others are doing and just concentrate on what I want to be doing.

After doing all this I felt like I had some room to think for myself again.  For the first time in a long time I wrote a blog post that felt authentic and I didn’t have to think too much about what to write.  My ideas started flowing in again and an old idea that I had a few months ago crept back in which I am now working on and so excited for so keep a look out for another post coming later through the week about what it is.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed right now and can’t hear yourself think just take a step back and have a virtual clear out.  Stop paying attention to what people are saying you ‘should’ do and just do what feels right for you.  The greatest ideas didn’t come from those who followed what other people said they should be doing.

Chelsi x


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