Launching The Beauty Boss

I have been studying business and coaching for a while now and I wanted to combine my passion for business coaching with my passion for beauty, hair and makeup and help people in the industry create amazingly successful businesses.

Having some friends in the beauty industry and by paying close attention to how salons operate I started to notice some gaps in the industry which is how the idea of The Beauty Boss was created.

The Beauty Boss is designed to bring people in the beauty industry (you) together and form a community within the industry where you can all help and support each other through your business ventures. It is a platform where Beauty Bosses from around the globe can receive marketing and business advice, ask questions and have the opportunity to be featured in my Beauty Boss of the Month post. The Beauty Boss also provides resources such as one on one or group coaching, e-courses, webinar training and workbooks to help you take your business to the next level. To get you started you can sign up to our free Insta Famous workbook by Subscribing to my mailing list via the pop up form on this site.

A lot of salon owners and freelancers set up a business because they are good at what they do, they are good at beauty, hair and makeup. They love what they do and they are good at it and that’s why people go to them. But they’re not business people so when it comes to building a brand and marketing their businesses they’re probably doing things by trial and error (let’s face it, most of us are) and maybe don’t think much into the marketing strategies that they use, which is ok too, because if it works and gets people through the door then keep doing it.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the tools at your disposal to create an amazing brand online and offline, create the business of your dreams, attract dream clients to your salon where they can’t wait to visit because of the culture you have created and have marketing campaigns and strategies that form a waiting list longer than your arm? The Beauty Boss can offer all of this to you and so much more.

The Beauty Boss isn’t just about business advice, it’s about community and networking with other Beauty Bosses. There’s so much competition in the industry which can sometimes be a good thing because it means that there’s definitely a market for what you’re offering but I have noticed that salons don’t like to help other salons out because they feel that they will lose the client. This isn’t true, if a client wants to leave and go somewhere else they will do this regardless and I’m guessing the reason they leave won’t be because you recommend another salon, because let’s be honest, there aren’t many reasons you would be recommending another salon in the first place. Either 1. You don’t offer the treatment the client has asked for in your salon, so you wouldn’t be losing any business here because you didn’t have it to offer to the client in the first place. Or 2. You can’t accommodate to the client’s requested appointment time, again you wouldn’t be receiving their business anyway because they will go elsewhere to find an appointment that suits them. Either way you aren’t getting the client’s business and the client is more likely to come back to you if you do recommend someone else because they will sense a feeling of community. The Beauty Boss’ main aim is to bring Beauty Bosses together because I believe that opportunities open up when you work together and help each other out, whether that be recommending a client to another salon or sharing tips and product advice that other salons might want to know about.

This is why I have created a Facebook Group for Beauty Bosses called The Beauty Boss Retreat that you can join for free. Here we talk everything business and beauty and I will be sharing some great business tips and answering any questions you may have about creating a successful business. So come and join us and be one of our Beauty Bosses by clicking this link.

There are so many people out there doing what you do it’s no longer enough to just do your day job to the best of your ability. People are no longer satisfied with amazing hair and perfect eyebrows, they want to feel like they know you and feel like they’re a member of your tribe. They want to feel welcomed and comfortable when they enter your salon as well as receive the best treatments and service available. They want to be able to follow your story online so when they come into the salon they feel like they know what’s been happening. I want to help you created the business of your dreams and attract your dream clients. All you have to do is join us on Facebook. I can’t wait to connect with you there and hear your story.

Chelsi x


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