Brand New You Coaching

The Brand New You coaching program has been designed to help you on your journey to build a brand that your clients connect with and love.  Think BIG.  Think Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Beverley Hills because that could be you.

The course will be fun but hard work and will take you through a journey of personal branding and how you can bring that into your business to setting up your packages, prices and offers and then connecting and selling your brand to your target audience.

Module 1 – Personal Branding

In this module we will dig deep into why you do what you do, what you stand for and most importantly what you want to be known for.  This is what your clients will connect with, because let’s be honest, people buy from people.  So your personal brand matters.

Module 2 – Target Audience and Niche

Now you might think that your target audience is anyone who wants to buy or hire you for what you offer.  Which of course is so true, but we’re thinking big here, we’re building a brand, and any successful brand knows how important this is.  So in this module we will look into who your target audience are and then find out what they like to do, where they shop, how old they are, where they live, how much money they may have and even maybe what their favourite wine is.

Module 3 – Business Branding

In this module we will bring together Module 1 and 2.  This is where the fun starts and we start to create your business brand.  We will work on what you want your business to stand for and bring in some of your core personal values.  We will start to create a culture that your clients can’t get enough of making them want to book in with you regularly and recommend all of their friends and family.

Module 4 – The Makeover

This module is all about the look and feel of your brand and you will be asked to complete some fun exercises so you can really get to grips with how you want your business to look.

Please Note:  Graphic design is not included in this course, however I can recommend you to a graphic designer or I can help you create your own branding as I have created mine but graphic design is not my area of expertise.

Module 5 – Packaging & Positioning

We will look at the services and treatments you offer and we will start to pull together packages and offers and look at your pricing.

Module 6 – It’s How You Say It

This module is all about the style of what you say and how you say it.  We will look over all of your collateral that you already have for your business including business cards, flyers, website and social media posts and we will start to create your business toolkit.

Module 7 – Connect

The final module of the course is where it all comes together.  Now you need to start really putting yourself out there.  We will create a Social Media and Marketing strategy for you to start implementing straight away.