Believe In Yourself

I’m all about values, I truly believe that our values are the foundation for everything that’s important in our lives.  They build deeper, more meaningful relationships because we can connect with people on a deeper level when we have similar values to them.  They drive our behaviours because we can look to our values when making decisions which helps to know when something is right for us or not.  And we use our values to help us understand who we are and what we stand for.  So I wanted to share my values with you.

One of those is Belief.

We all have dreams but not many of us believe in ourselves to even try to achieve them.  It’s so much easier to find excuses to not do something than it is to believe in yourself to go for it.  And sometimes that can be engrained in us from a young age – like when you said you wanted to be a pop star like Britney Spears and your dad would say ‘it’s too hard to be a pop star, no one makes it’  But that’s actually not true because all of the pop stars made it because they believed in themselves.  It’s easy to find validation and excuses to not do something than it is to find a reason to believe.  Our belief systems are built over time through our experiences and the people around us but you just need that one reason, no matter how small, to believe in yourself and I believe this can build up over time by consistent daily mindset work.

Girlbosses believe in themselves – so be a Girlboss.


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