Be Independent

I’m all about values, I truly believe that our values are the foundation for everything that’s important in our lives.  They build deeper, more meaningful relationships because we can connect with people on a deeper level when we have similar values to them.  They drive our behaviours because we can look to our values when making decisions which helps to know when something is right for us or not.  And we use our values to help us understand who we are and what we stand for.  So I wanted to share my values with you.

One of those is Independent.

I think it’s so important as a millennial woman to be independent – even if you’re in a relationship (in fact even more so if you’re in a relationship).  Call me a cynic if you wish but I don’t think we should rely on men, especially when it comes to being able to provide for ourselves.  Of course, it’s ok to let them spoil you but at the end of the day you want to know that if the relationship took a turn for the worst you can still maintain yourself.  So, as a woman I think it’s so important to have your own career or your own business, to do the things that you want to do.  It’s not all about money – as women we naturally put other’s needs first, especially men, we like to feed their egos – and a lot of the time having our own careers or business can intimidate men and we think it’s easier to give it all up to make them happy.  DON’T! If it all goes wrong you want to be able to maintain yourself but you also don’t want to regret giving up your career or slowing down just because it made him feel better for a second (and I guarantee if you’ve ever done that then a few days later he’s found something else to be insecure about).  Focus on you, chase your dreams and your goals and don’t give it up for any man (I don’t care how rich or gorgeous he is) because at the end of the day you’re the one who will be left with your regrets, not him.

So be an Independent Girlboss and let’s set an example for our young girls!



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